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About Us

About Us

SOL Consulting was founded by Mr Manoj Kelkar. We have a reputation for friendliness and common sense solutions.

With a network of quality new start businesses we not only have a wide range of willing suppliers but we also have a network of potential customers all accumulated from years of building relationships.

Our collaborative, fresh and determined approach enables us to provide strategic insights and solutions to even the most complex problems.

Our Approach

 SOL Consulting has a deep understanding of markets and successful transformation. SOL has a unique track record of running operations. 

We work alongside our clients in joint teams and take responsibility for outcomes. Working this way enables us to leave our clients’ people with a broader range of skills than when we started. 

Our combined experiences provide our clients with access to an unrivaled understanding of operational excellence. 

Why Us?

We complement your strengths so as to establish teams with the right mix of skills. Working this way enables us to assist you with a broader range of skills than when we started. 

Our clients tell us that we understand their requirements and care about what we do. They tell us we are flexible, open and act with the utmost integrity. Above all they tell us we deliver and are a refreshing change. 


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